Registering your WhatsApp Number

The embedded signup flow simplifies the current WhatsApp signup process, reducing the onboarding period from days to minutes.

Now that you have put together all required information during the 1st step, in order to follow through with the embedded signup of the previous step, it’s time to create your WhatsApp account on Messaging!

Access your Messaging Account

Access the login page at and enter your access information on the login page.

Begin the Activation Process of your WhatsApp Number

Click "ACTIVATE MY NUMBER" on the upper left corner

Log In to your Facebook Account

Grab the information requested in the first step

Create or Select a Business Manager

After creating a BM and having your account verified by Facebook, it is time to create a WhatsApp Business Manager (WABA)

Create or Select a WABA

Before completing your signup process, you can change the display name as many times as you wish. After signing up, you must wait 30 days between requests to change the display name and must follow the embedded signup flow once again; we discourage changing the display name after approval.

Add a New Phone Number

Enter your desired number and the PIN sent to verify said number

  • Each number is linked to a WABA; choose the WABA to which you wish to link your new number wisely, as the WABA number cannot be migrated after registration

  • Each WABA can have up to 25 numbers linked; if you wish to extend this limit, contact Facebook support

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