How to Set Up a File

You can upload your customer base to the platform; see how to use variables and correctly set up your files.

Requirement: Your contact file can be in XLSX, CSV, or TXT and should have a maximum of 15 MB.

How to Set Up an XLSX File

To set up the file on Excel or Google Spreadsheet, you should follow a few guidelines:

  • The first row consists of a header;

  • The first column must have the title destination and the contact numbers;

  • The remaining columns are filled by placeholders or variables that can be used in the body of the message or HSM variables;

  • One of the columns may be used as Correlation ID (with the title correlationid) for identifying customers by reports;

Example of an .xlsx file: XLSX File














Tip: to prevent conflicts or issues, we suggest clearing the table formatting. In order to clear it on Excel, select the entire table and click Clear / Clear all formats. Then select the first column (destination), right click and select Format Cells, select Numbers and set 0 decimal places.

How to Set Up a CSV File

To set up the file on Excel or Google Spreadsheet, follow the same procedure above for the XLSX file and save in CSV.

Example of a .csv file: CSV File

How to Set Up a TXT File

To set up a TXT file, just fill out the first line of the file with the following information: destination: reserved for all phone numbers separated by ";" the other "columns" of the file. Example of a .txt file: TXT File

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