Permission Levels

Today the platform has different levels for viewing features that are tied to user permission. See below which levels are those:


Can send messages and access the report of messages it has sent. Can view some other information that is shared within the subaccount to which it belongs, such as templates, groups, and contacts.


Has access to everything that has been triggered from its subaccount, such as messages, reports, templates, and contacts.


This profile has access to all data that is in the subaccounts of its account, i.e., it is a more macro profile that has information on everything, but does not yet have permission to edit and create new subaccounts and users.

Customer Administrator

The customer administrator profile, in addition to having all data available on everything within its account, such as reports, templates, groups, and contacts, among others, it can also create and edit new subaccounts and users, as per this guide.

Data Analyst

Can extract reports from the entire account, but cannot have access to any other features or trigger any messages.

​Resale Administrator

Has access to all resale customer features (reports, deliveries, and visibility of subaccount and user settings).

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