SMS Template

Learn how to create an SMS message template.

Templates for SMS Messages

Under Messaging, you can create and save SMS message templates for future deliveries! Add dynamic fields and customize your message.

How to Create SMS Templates


Attention when creating new SMS templates: You cannot edit or delete created templates.

In your left-side menu, expand the Messaging tab:

You will be redirected to a screen where you can view all templates that have been created in the platform. If this is your first template, click at the top of the screen on: Create template.

First, you need to add a name to your template:

Then, you can start typing the text of your message; you can use emojis (not accepted in all devices) and also variables:

When we use variables in our message, they show up between curly brackets {{1}}; you can change this field for the name of your customers if you upload to our platform, or for any default word. Variables (dynamic fields) are only filled at the time of sending your message.

  1. Remember that, fi you use accentuations in your message, the number of characters used doubles.

  2. You can use the button: Remove accents from words, to avoid forgetting any.

  3. As with SMS, you will have 160 characters to type your message.

You will always be able to preview your message on the right side of your screen:

On the bottom of the screen, click Create message, and your template will be ready for use.

Sending SMS with Templates

In the content of the SMS, you can type free text or select one among created templates.

First, click on new message:

Then select the SMS option:

Upload your customer base to the platform or choose how to trigger your message.

If you use the upload a file option, the platform will read the header of your file as a variable (dynamic fields), and you can change any field between curly brackets {{}} for those words.

Delivery By File:

Variables are the last words that show up on this screen:

After clicking Advance, you can choose the Template option:

The platform will request the name of your template under: Choose a template, just enter the name of the template you have created:

Then, you will view the text of your message:

You can choose to send the message as a flash-sms, but not all carriers accept this type of delivery. The message appears as a pop-up on the screen of your end user’s phone.

And lastly, you add variables (dynamic fields) to your message. You can choose to fill out the field with a column of your customer base (referring to customers by name, for instance), or add a default message:

If you opt for the file column feature, you can choose among all columns that are in your file:

You will have an entry field for each of the variables your message has; you will only be directed to the next screen after filling out all of them:

Your message will be shown on the right side of your screen, so that you can follow the progress.

Then, just click advance and send your message as usual, choosing the campaign, time of delivery, and summary.

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