Mapped errors

Possible errors you may encounter when uploading your customer base.


To better understand the error in a file, the Messaging platform started to indicate what is wrong and on which line of your file.

When uploading a file with some type of error, the message below will appear with a hyperlink.

To make it easier to understand these errors, take this file into account:

This way, it becomes easier to understand where the problem is! If you have any doubts about interpreting this information, do not hesitate to call our Support Team.

However, it is important to know that we have an error that occurs before the file is uploaded, which is Encoding, which is the error below.

Error message: The file must be written with UTF-8 characters. Please check and correct the type before trying again.

It is mandatory that the file is written with UTF-8 characters. You need to correct it before trying again.

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