Signing of plans

Pre-paid customers of Sinch Messaging Platform can subscribe to SMS credit plans in order to send messages

Our customers who are interested in sending SMS messages in a dynamic and low-cost manner have access to a few subscription plans where the amount will be charged on a monthly basis and the credits must also be used within 30 days.

To subscribe to a plan, just click "SMS Plans" on the left, select the desired plan and enter your payment information:

After finishing the credit purchase payment step, the platform automatically makes the chosen plan’s number of messages available, and administrators can elect for each subaccount and user their respective delivery limits; if limits are not set, deliveries will be deducted from the total credit balance.

The credit balance is on the right-side menu

To change or cancel your plan, edit your credit card, view your payment history and invoices, you can also access the "SMS Plans" menu.

Questions? Contact our Inside Sales team:

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