Tracking Sent Messages

Learn more about the Messages sent screen, programmed messages, status, and more.

Messages Menu

When you trigger a message, it enters a queue in our system to be delivered to your user. After sending a message, you are redirected to the Messages menu.

To find the sent messages menu, on the left side of the screen, expand the messaging menu and click on messages sent:

After opening the messages sent screen, you can use filters to search within the platform for specific messages:

Filtering by Status, you can track only messages that have already been sent, or those that are still being processed by the platform, for instance.

Filtering by ID, you can search specifically for a batch of sent messages, but this requires you to know the ID of the messages you have triggered. Whenever a new trigger is done, the platform generates a new batch for your messages, it is the first field listed under sent messages.

Filtering by Type, if you have contracted SMS and WhatsApp, you can filter by one type of message or by the other.

If you have done a trigger by file, you can also find the message through the file name column

Message Status

  • Programmed: Your message has been programmed and will be processed at the set time.

  • Processing: The message is ready to enter the delivery queue.

  • Sending: The messages are being sent to the delivery queue.

  • Cancelled: The delivery of the programmed message has been cancelled.

  • Error: An error has occurred while sending the message.

  • Sent: The message has entered the user delivery queue.

  • Blocked Time: The message has been set to be delivered at a time that is not allowed by the subaccount

Previewing a Message Sent

You can preview a message sent under the actions menu.

Previewing the message, you can see

  • The message’s content;

  • The delivery channel;

  • Number of messages sent;

  • When it was sent;

  • Which user and subaccount has triggered the delivery;

Words Not Allowed in SMS Deliveries

Following the guidelines of our services and in order to protect end users from inappropriate content, some words or links need to be enabled by our Support team. If your message has not been sent because it contains a link or a specific term that can sound ambiguous in certain cases, contact us by accessing informing the link or term to be sent, and our team will review it and clear it for your future deliveries.

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