Registering a Template

Creating a WhatsApp message template. Learn how to register your template.


We will teach you how to follow this process in a few steps and in a straightforward manner!

Registering WhatsApp Templates has never been easier!

If you have any questions about Templates (also known as HSMs) access: WA Template WA – What Is It?

Checking Templates:

In the "Templates" menu under Messaging, you can check all templates that have already been submitted for Facebook’s approval and also create and submit new templates for review.

You will be directed to a page where you can view all templates that have been created. If you haven’t yet created any templates, the screen will appear blank.

You have the following information:

  1. Template name: Name that was chosen during its creation.

  2. Type of message: There are more than 10 message options (account update, warning, appointment, payment, etc.).

  3. Preview: You can view the text of your message.

  4. Languages and approval status: Language chosen for your template and its approval status on Facebook. There are three approval statuses: Under review, Denied, Approved.

  5. Actions: Option to view your template completely on the creation screen.

Template approval depends exclusively on Facebook, and you cannot edit or resubmit for review a template that has been rejected by Facebook.

New Template

Creating a new template is simple. Remember that all templates are reviewed before being approved; the time for this approval varies, so make sure not to create your template the moment you want to send a message.

To create a new template, on your left-side menu, click on: WhatsApp > Templates and then Create Template:

In a new platform update, we added a feature where we send suggestions of templates that also need to be approved, but that you can use as a base:

Template Name

All templates need a name. It should always be entirely in lower-case letters; you can use numbers and underscores (_) as spacers. Special characters are not accepted.

Template Categories


As of June 1, 2023, Meta will apply changes to the WhatsApp Business Platform business model globally.

The main changes will be:

  1. Update of conversation categories

  2. Cost update by category by Target

  3. Free entry point via click to WhatsApp or Facebook page will have a free 72h window - currently it is 24 hours.

  4. The first 1,000 free conversations of each WABA are now valid for User-initiated conversations/Service conversations only, and no longer the first any 1,000 conversations.

Pay attention when registering and choose the most appropriate category for your message. There are currently 4 template categories:

  • Utility Conversations: Facilitate a specific, agreed-upon request or transaction, or update a customer on an ongoing transaction, including post-purchase notifications and recurring billing statements

  • Authentication Conversations: Allow enterprises to authenticate users with one-time passwords, potentially at multiple stages of the login process (e.g., account verification, account recovery, integrity challenges)

  • Marketing Conversations: Include promotions or offers, informational updates or invitations for customers to respond / take action. Any conversation that does not qualify as utility or authentication is a marketing conversation.

NOTE: There is a fourth new category, where it is not used to create a template, which is Service Conversations - all user initiated conversations will be categorized as Service Conversations, which help customers resolve queries.


WhatsApp will not translate messages for your company. All translations of message templates must be entered by you in the same format as shown below. When creating a template, you will specify the language in which you wish your message template to be displayed using the language field.

Body of the Message

In order to structure the message of your template, you can set the texts in the following fields:

Header (optional): title of your message, where you can enter a text or media, which can be a Picture, document, location, or video. If you choose the text option, your text will only show up in the preview once you start typing the body of your message; using text, you can use up to 60 characters.

Body (required): The body of your message is where you type the text that will be sent to your customer. You can add emojis, use bold, strikethrough, and italic formats, and also use placeholders (variables). Variables are numbers that appear between curly brackets {{1}}; you can use these fields as dynamic fields and change what is between curly brackets for a default word or use the header of a file to fill out the field. Your text can contain up to 1024 characters.

If your placeholder (variable) is edited to something other than numbers between the “curly brackets,” a warning is displayed with instructions for use: they must always be in ascending order. For example: {{1}}, {{2}}, {{3}}.

  • After finishing your template, you will be required to tell the platform what you wish to enter in this field.

Footer (optional): The footer is optional. You can add a few words of gratitude, for instance, you can only add text contents and use up to 60 characters. It will show on the right side in your preview in a lighter shade of gray.

Buttons (optional): There are 2 types of buttons that can be used; however, you can only use one or the other.

The buttons are: Actions: You can direct your customer to a phone call or a website chosen by you:

Quick replies: Usually used with yes or no.

Important: The text formatting in each field is distinct. Header: It is bold at the start of the message; if you have chosen a media header, a preview of your picture will appear. The media is only attached once your message is triggered to customers. Body of the message: The body of your message appears in a light shade according to your settings data. Footer: It appears in a lighter shade of gray at the end of your message. Buttons: They appear at the endo f your message for the user to click.

After reviewing your template, click create on the bottom of your screen. Your template will be submitted for review by Facebook; the estimated time for reply is up to 5 days.

After submitting your template for approval, you will see 3 status types: Green: Template approved and ready for use. Blue: Your template is under review. Red: Your template has been denied.

If a template is denied, it cannot be resubmitted for review. You must create a new template and request a new review.

After the status of your template changes to "ready for use," just go to the "New message" menu, search for the name of your template and send your message.

General Tips for Creating Templates

Tips for creating your template

  • Give clear names to your templates, which refer to the content of your message and explain the context in which it will be sent, with only lower-case letters, numbers, and underscores (spacers).

  • Choose the correct category for your template.

  • The content should be clear, brief, and to the point.

  • Find out if there are specific moments of your operation for which you can create default templates that can be reused.

  • When your message is written, you should consider the fact that the team in charge of approvals does not know the context in which they are inserted.

  • Read your template out loud and notice how it sounds.

  • Pay attention to your HSM formatting. Dynamic fields must be according to standards, and the message cannot contain any typos or grammar mistakes.

  • In order to reopen a session with your user, mention what you had been previously talking about.

  • Do not induce your customer to remain in the flow.


Issues with formatting lead to a template being rejected. Pay attention and make sure your text is according to acceptance standards.

  • Dynamic fields must be numbers between two curly brackets and surrounded by information that clearly indicate what will be inserted there;

  • We cannot use line breaks, tab, or consecutive spaces.

  • Grammar mistakes and typos will cause your template to be rejected. Slang and informal language are accepted, but you should note that they will not always make sense for the team in charge of approvals.

Formatting Examples

Correct Formatting

Incorrect Formatting

Hello, {{1}}! How are you? This is your flight ticket number: {{2}}.


How are you? Below are your ticket details:

Your flight to the city of {{3}} is scheduled for {{4}}, at {{5}}. Have a nice trip!



Make sure to write down your flight details so you don’t forget:



Template Rejected? What Could Be the Reason?

You are not allowed to send promotional content i.e., all types of offers that have not been requested by the customer. There are certain words that lead FB’s approval team to believe that a template is promotional, even when its content does not have that intention:

Price reductions/changes

  • Promotion;

  • Promotional;

  • Promo;

  • Offer;

  • Proposal;

  • Sale;

  • Discount;

  • Bargain;

  • Deal;

  • Advantage;

  • Clearance;

  • Steal;

  • Markdown;

Advertising and news

  • Ad

  • Advertising

  • Propaganda

  • Commercial

  • Release

  • Limited edition

  • Promote

  • Publicity

  • Opportunity


  • Sample

  • Coupon

  • Lottery

  • Gift

  • Surprise

  • Freebie

  • Giveaway

Examples of Rejected Messages

Did you know you have a pre-approved loan of {{1}}? You can pay it back in up to {{2}} installments, and the money is credited to your account within 24 hours after approval! Don’t miss it! This offer is available until {{3}}.

Hi, {{1}}! How are you? We have great news! You are only one click away from contracting your loan. Just reply to this message and we can help you!

This is the Digital Assistant speaking on behalf of {{2}} store. We noticed you are interested in {{3}}, at the {{4}} portal. How about simulating a loan, scheduling a test drive, or speeding up your used car review? Just click the link: {{5}}

We have news for you! In order to check it out for free and get ready to increase your sales, enter:

1 - to see the {{3}} collection;

2 - to receive the {{2}} catalog.

We have a proposal for you! Can we chat here right now?

Opening a Session

A session is the 24-hour period from the moment you receive a message from your user. That is, only MOs (messages sent by your customer) open a session.

You must send a template to start the conversation and, from the moment your user replies, the session is open and you can directly communicate with them without requiring a new template. You can send free texts, pictures, attachments, videos.

A Few Expressly Forbidden Actions

Messages of a promotional, advertising, or invasive nature (spam)

Message templates regarding Sales; Marketing; Promotions. Any actions of a spamming nature are forbidden. For everything you do in this channel, always keep in mind that the end customer is who decides if you are helping, informing, or bothering them. Thus, we suggest a communication that is always centered on the end consumer.

Template Suggestions

1: General information (very similar to collecting an opt-in in the channel)

Hello! We would like to inform you that this is the official channel for XXXXX. You can use this channel to XXXXXXX.

Click the "Yes, I want it!" button to begin receiving messages or "Exit" if you are not interested: Buttons: Yes, I want it! / Exit

2: Assistance for people who wish to purchase products / services, ensure their opt-in is collected on the actual website, and when the base is less than 3 days old.

Hello, we noticed you have signed up for our website. We would like to let you know that this is our WhatsApp channel, and we can answer any questions you may have here.

Click the "Yes, I want it!" button to learn more or "Exit" if you are not interested:

Buttons: Yes, I want it! / Exit

3: Bank slips / invoices

Hello, this is the official channel for the XXX company for information on invoices payable or overdue / order status / account status. Click the "Yes, I want it!" button to begin receiving messages or "Exit" if you are not interested:

Buttons: Yes, I want it! / Exit

4: Order status

Hello, this is the official channel for XXXX for information and order statuses. Click the "Yes, I want it!" button to begin receiving messages or "Exit" if you are not interested:

Buttons: Yes, I want it! / Exit

5: Consigned credit / Loans

Hello, this is the official channel for XXXX, here you can ask any questions and learn more about XXXXXXX. Click the "Yes, I want it!" button to learn more or "Exit" if you are not interested:

Buttons: Yes, I want it! / Exit

Automatic Replies:


Your request to leave the conversation was accomplished. Please send #start to come back!


Your request to return to this conversation was accomplished! Welcome back!


1: General information (very similar to collecting an opt-in in the channel)

Thank you, you will receive this information here, stay tuned.

2: Assistance for people who wish to purchase products / services, ensure their opt-in is collected on the actual website, and when the base is less than 3 days old.

Thank you, we will contact you soon to answer your questions

Thank you, send a Hi to begin your assistance

3: Bank slips / invoices

Thank you, you will receive this information here, stay tuned.

4: Order status

Thank you, you will receive the status of your order(s) here, stay tuned.

5: Consigned credit / Loans

Thank you, we will contact you through the channel soon to better assist you.

It’s great having you here. We will always keep you informed through this channel, and whenever you need us, just let us know

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