Login, Language & Menu

Learn more about the initial browsing of our platform


This is our home screen. There you can log in or access our website by clicking What is Sinch?

Login: Can be done using your email or username

If you have forgotten your password, click on I forgot my password and enter your email in the following step.

You can also change your password by clicking here. You will receive an email to register your new password.


In the upper right corner, you can choose between the 3 available languages for Sinch Messaging: Portuguese BR (🇧🇷), Spanish (🇪🇸) or English (🇬🇧)

On the left side menu, you can find the main sessions within the platform:

New Message

  • SMS PLANS (Available only for Pre-Paid Customers);

  • Home;

  • Messaging;

  • Flow Builder;

  • Solutions;

  • WhatsApp (Available only for Contract customers);

  • Settings;

  • Help;


  • Messages sent;

  • Campaigns;

  • Reports;

  • SMS templates;

  • Blocklists;

  • Contacts;

  • Groups;

Flow Builder

  • SMS Bot;


  • Account;

  • Inner panel;

  • Templates;

  • Dashboard;

Warm Up

  • Start;

  • Track;


  • My account;

  • Subaccounts and users;

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