Good Practices

In order to maintain a high quality and be able to upgrade your tier, we recommend some good practices:

  • Always check if your messages follow the WhatsApp Business Policy.

  • Only send messages to users who have accepted to receive messages from your company. Carefully check your base:

  • Quality base: Your base needs to be recent and have a WhatsApp opt-in. (Users who have interacted with the brand in less than 4 months, preferably having specifically opted in to this channel. The amount of phone numbers required depends on which tier you wish to reach.)

  • Create highly personalized messages that are useful for users.

  • Avoid sending overly vague introductory or welcome messages.

  • Take frequency into account: avoid sending too many messages per day to customers. Be careful when preparing informative messages, being mindful of content optimization and conciseness.

It Is Important to Always Observe Channel Restrictions;

  • Sending spam, fraud, or unsolicited publicity (consent) is forbidden;

  • Do not create games involving competition or luck;

  • Tobacco items and related paraphernalia;

  • Alcohol;

  • Unsafe ingestible supplements;

  • Animals: businesses may not transact in the sale of any animals;

  • Adult products or services;

  • Weapons, ammunition, or explosives;

  • Illegal products or services;

  • Drugs, whether prescription, recreational, or otherwise;

  • Medical and healthcare products;

  • Body parts and fluids;

  • Items or products with overtly sexualized positioning;

  • Real money gambling services;

  • Dating services;

  • Products or items that facilitate and/or encourage unauthorized access to digital media;

  • Digital and subscription services, including links to or processing of any subscription sales, renewals, or upgrades;

  • Real, virtual, or fake currency;

  • Third-party infringement.

For more information:

Be Mindful of Your End Customer’s Needs:

  • Having your customer’s confirmation (opt-in) is the first step to preventing an increase in your block rate;

  • Draft, publish and make available your Privacy Policy.

  • The customer is the center of the entire operation and must see value in every interaction on WhatsApp;

  • Paying attention to the communication guideline is essential (message frequency and quality of each message’s content);

  • Human referral: the assistance transfer done by your company’s bot or team should be easy and transparent so that the end customer will always have the solution they seek in the channel.

  • Opt-out: Always let your customer know that they can always enter EXIT to stop receiving messages, in all templates you actively send them. (this prevents blocks and values your customer’s freedom.)

  • Keep your bot in line with the WA guidelines;

  • Make sure your messages follow the WhatsApp Business Policy.

  • Periodically check the quality of your solution;

  • Do not send content that goes against the WA Commerce Policy.

Creating Templates

Words that should be avoided when creating templates:

Always watch out for:

  • Abusive content;

  • Formatting errors;

  • Grammar mistakes;

  • Allow your customer to let you know that they are not the customer you think, e.g.: "I am not Caroline"

  • Conduct A/B message tests to better explore your best-performing messages.

Human Assistance

  • It is mandatory that the path for your customer to obtain human assistance is clear, within WhatsApp.

  • Ways to escalate to human assistance accepted within WhatsApp’s policy:

  • Human Referral within the channel (we suggest this one, as it makes your customer’s life easier.)

  • A message clarifying the ways your customer can contact a Human: Directing them to a phone number, email or web form to open a ticket or directing them to a Physical store.

E.g.: Hello, to speak to one of our agents please call: XXXXXX

E.g.: Hello, to speak to one of our agents please email: XXXXXX

For more information:

NOTE: Failure to comply with this policy will impact the quality of your channel and, if not resolved, it can impact your tier (causing it to be downgraded).

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