TTL - Time to Live

Messaging with TTL (Time to Live - The HSM’s lifespan before being delivered)

Messaging with TTL (Time to Live - The HSM’s lifespan before being delivered)

Feature Description:

From v2.21.3 ( onwards, you can inform the TTL (in days) for the delivery of your messages to expire (i.e., their Time to Live).

  • Companies can use this to ensure messages aren’t delivered on dates later than what was set.

  • Currently, TTL can only be set for HSM messages (access HSM information).

  • If a message is not delivered to the customer before the period set as limit, i.e. it expires, then the message will no longer be delivered.

  • A status notification (CallBack) will be sent by WA.

  • The status notification can be sent to our customers so long as it is configured.

IMPORTANT: setting a TTL has the following limitations:

  • Only HSM messages

  • minimum 1 day (24 hours) from the time the message is sent

  • maximum 30 days

  • default 7 days. (Currently, this value can be altered)

  • the TTL is effective from the moment your message is sent, that is, if a message is scheduled, the TTL will be attributed by adding the value to the date when it was triggered.

  • If a message receives a value of less than 1 day or greater than 30 days, our platform will, at the time of delivery, attribute values within the permitted limit.

  • This behavior has been implemented to prevent us from having issues when delivering messages, as, if there is an attempt to deliver a message that does not observe the minimum and maximum TTL values, this message will be denied by the container.

Call for Messaging via FTP with TTL

Messaging example: 2019-01-18;11:0;11:15;HSM;chatclub_welcome;pt_BR;DETERMINISTIC;name|company;2 phone;name;company 5519998873499;mozart;wavy 5519981794226;diego;wavy The information that represents the TTL is at the end of the first line, after the HSM parameters.

This information will be an INTEGER that is represented in number of days. That is, we will have a 2-day TTL. This means that, after 2 days from the date and time the message is sent, if the recipient has not received the message, this message WILL NO LONGER BE DELIVERED.

Call for Messaging via API with TTL

 "destinations": [{
 "correlationId": "MyCorrelationId",
 "destination": "5519900001111"
 "message": {
 "ttl": 1,
 "hsm": {
 "namespace": "namespace",
 "elementName": "elementName",

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