Send a fast message

To send SMS more quickly and simply, use the "quick send" available in the "New message" menu

Click on new message and then select quick sms:


You can choose to add phone numbers manually or upload your customer base to the platform, just click on upload file.

If you choose to upload a file, the platform provides the format in which your customer base must be.


Add the content of your message; you will have 160 characters to describe your message.

If you use accentuations, each character that has an accent is counted as two characters, reducing the number of words you can use.

In order for you not to forget to remove the accentuation, the platform provides the following button:

If you wish to send a link in your SMS, you need to submit it for review by our team. You can access our Service Center for this.

Sending a Message

You can choose to immediately send your message or program your delivery for any date

There you go! If everything is correct, your messages will be sent successfully.

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