IP Restriction

Insert IPs that your users can use to access the messaging platform.

What is this new feature?

IP Restriction is a new feature flag from MM2, that allows you to define which IP can access your messaging platform. Once you activated, all IP is blocked until you define which IP is allowed.

Activating this feature flag

Go to Settings > My Account > IP Restriction

In this area, you can activate the IP Restriction feature. It is important to know that once activated, you will block all the users instantly. You will be blocked the next time you try to login (so the Admin can also include herself/himself on the list). We recommend that you first add the allowed IPs so then activate the feature.

Only the customer Admin can set up this configuration for him/her and for all users under this customer.

Click on the +Add button to insert all IPs will be allowed to access messaging platform. Here you going to insert the email under the customer that has an account on messaging + IP allowed.

You can add as many IPs as you like, and you can edit them too.

Message Error if you are not in the allowed list

If you are not in the allowed list, you will find this message the next time you try to login into the platform. To solve this problem, you can ask to your Admin to include your IP on the list or open a ticket for support to add manually.

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