Introduction - Integrations

Welcome to our documentation for developers

Here you will find everything you need to integrate your company to our messaging platform.

Types of Integration

You can integrate through the following methods:


Allows you to send and receive messages and statuses through HTTPS protocol using the GET or POST methods


Specific protocol for exchanging SMS messages; it allows you to maintain an active connection with our SMPP server and is suitable for customers whose traffic is over 5 million messages per month


Protocol used to transfer files; it is suitable for mass messaging (bulk). The files are transferred by the customer to our servers and are immediately processed

Websphere MQ

Used to transfer messages between Websphere MQ servers; it is suitable for customers whose traffic is over 30 million messages per month, especially financial banks where the customer already has this system in operation for internal messages. This integration option has an environment setup and maintenance fee, priced at R$50,000.00 and R$2,000.00 respectively

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