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WhatsApp Dashboard

This is where you see general and detailed information on messages triggered to WhatsApp

Field descriptions

  • Total messages: This is where you can view the total number of messages sent and received within a selected period.

  • Date filter: It is located on the upper right corner; just select the period you wish to filter.

  • Total MTs: Total number of messages sent.

  • Sent: Messages that have left for delivery on the platform.

  • Sent with open session: These are the messages that have been sent and delivered to devices, where the end user replied to your message.

  • Sent with closed session: These are messages that have been sent and delivered to devices, but your end user did not reply to your message.

  • Delivered: Messages that have been sent and delivered to devices.

  • Read: Number of messages according to the stipulated filter that have been read by your end users; a point of attention is that we only have this status if your end user has the read receipt enabled.

  • Total MOs: Number of messages your end users have sent to your company.

  • Session-opening MOs: Number of users who contacted your company, without any interaction from you.

  • Under Open Sessions Now you have the data of live open sessions.


To access this field, just switch the tab on your screen:


This is where you can filter your charts to better review your triggers


  • Time

  • Day of the Month

  • Month


  • Total MTs

  • Sent

  • Delivered

  • Read

  • Total MOs

Additionally, you can also filter by Campaigns, Subaccounts and Users.

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